Insight Citizen Science

Insight Citizen Science is a citizen science program centered around a mobile application that allows people living in North America to collect meaningful data on pollinator abundance and diversity. The app includes a visual guide to help participants to learn about the observation process and how to identify the different types of pollinators. Participants can use the app to explore the collective citizen science data and discover the diversity and abundance of pollinators in a given area.

This project was largely research driven and included conducting user testing sessions, reviewing academic journals and working with scientists and industry experts such as Dr. Elizabeth Elle (The Pollination Ecology Lab at SFU), Erin Udal (Environmental Youth Alliance) and Brian Campbell (West Coast Seeds).

I developed a website, promotional video and brand identity for the app. The Insight logo, which uses a single stroke to form the shape of a bee, has a bold and sharp appearance, to align with the scientific and educational components of the app. A simple brand guide was also developed to indicate how the brand elements should be used to maximize consistency and brand recognition.

After launching the iOS app I hosted a number of interactive workshops where I introduced the Insight app and helped participants learn how to identify different types of pollinator groups. My workshop co-hosts included Dr. Cameron Cartiere (Border Free Bees), Dr. Elizabeth Elle and Erin Udal. The workshops took place throughout British Columbia, including Vancouver, Richmond, Kelowna and Victoria.

Insight Citizen Science was my undergrad thesis project at Emily Carr University. Project partners include Border Free Bees, Pollinator Partnership, University of British Columbia, Emily Carr University, North American Pollinator Protection Campaign, Environmental Youth Alliance, and The Pollination Ecology Lab at SFU.

ClientBorder Free BeesServicesUX, Branding, Print, Web, VideoYear2015 - 2018LinkCommon Pollinators eBook